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Medical Weight Loss in Green Bay, WI

The Natural Choice For Natural Beauty

Weight management is a challenge for numerous individuals for various reasons, including genetics, lifestyle choices, and underlying health conditions. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial as it helps minimize the potential risks associated with excessive weight, including heart disease, diabetes, and joint issues. To mitigate these risks, many people resort to weight loss programs and medical weight loss services. However, losing weight can be a daunting task, and finding effective and sustainable methods is essential. 

At our Ambiance MD Medical Spa locations in Green Bay, WI, we offer a unique and effective weight loss program that can reset your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and most importantly, help you reach and maintain your goal weight. If you’re ready to initiate a total body transformation, we can help you look better, weigh less, and become the healthiest version of yourself.

Understanding Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is a comprehensive approach to shedding excess weight and improving overall health. Unlike traditional weight loss methods, medical weight loss involves a combination of clinically supervised strategies tailored to individual needs. This service integrates various elements, such as injections for weight loss, personalized nutrition plans, and lifestyle counseling, ensuring a holistic path to weight reduction.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Personalized Care and Attention

Every patient receives individualized care, ensuring that your weight loss program is tailored to your unique body composition and lifestyle. This personalized approach guarantees that the plan aligns perfectly with your personal health goals and conditions.

Safe and Supervised Weight Reduction

Safety is important in our medical weight loss strategy. Each step of your weight loss journey is medically supervised, providing a secure and effective path to your goals without the risks of unguided dieting or exercise regimes.

Comprehensive Health Improvement

Our programs are designed not just for weight loss but also for overall health enhancement. Patients often experience improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar control, contributing to a healthier, longer life.

Sustainable Weight Management

We emphasize long-term weight management. Our approach equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy weight even after the program concludes, ensuring lasting benefits.

Increased Energy Levels

Patients frequently report a significant boost in energy levels. This increased vigor is a result of the improved diet and exercise regimen, enhancing your ability to engage in daily activities with more enthusiasm and less fatigue.

Enhanced Physical Appearance

Weight loss naturally leads to a more toned and defined physique. This improvement positively impacts various aspects of life. 

Customized Nutritional Guidance

Our program includes personalized nutritional counseling. You’ll learn how to make healthier food choices that not only aid in weight loss but also contribute to a well-balanced diet.

Expert Support and Motivation

We provide continuous support and motivation throughout your journey. This constant encouragement helps maintain focus and commitment to your weight loss goals.

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases

Losing weight can significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers, contributing to a longer, healthier life.

Enhanced Digestive Health

As you lose weight and improve your diet, your digestive health often improves as well. This can lead to fewer digestive issues and a more efficient metabolism.

Our Medical Weight Loss Options

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program

Our Clean Start weight loss program is a medically monitored weight management plan designed to safely accelerate weight loss so that patients can reach a healthier weight, increase their confidence, and invest in their current and future health. We customize each plan and use different techniques and treatment options to increase metabolism, boost energy levels, and help the body better burn fat.

Our treatment protocol, combined with regular exercise and dietary changes, can help you successfully lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and maintain your healthy weight long-term. Plus, we can combine our program with CoolSculpting®, a body contouring treatment targeting the excess stubborn fat unresponsive to a healthy diet, regular exercise, and weight management protocols. We can also combine our program with EmSculpt NEO, another body contouring treatment.


Losing weight on your own can be difficult. It requires the right amount of exercise, caloric restriction, and discipline. If you’ve tried to lose weight on your own but haven’t been successful, the Clean Start program can help you finally reach your goals. Don’t rely on fad diets that can cause you to regain weight as soon as it’s over.

  • A medically monitored program
  • A complete health and weight reset
  • A safe approach to losing weight
  • Customized treatment plans
  • A complete metabolic reset 
  • Reduction of cravings
  • An easy-to-follow program 
  • No complicated meal plans or required meal replacement products 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Clean Start Weight Loss Program

The first step in our Clean Start program is your initial consultation. We’ll meet with you to learn more about your goals so we can customize your treatment plan accordingly. We perform comprehensive lab testing for each patient and will review your medical history to learn more about your current health and then custom-tailor your treatment accordingly.

We’ll also perform a physical examination and discuss any past diet attempts to discuss what didn’t work and then provide you with the tools necessary to ensure your success this time. We also offer regular weigh-ins to track your progress along your journey.

Weight Loss Medications

Your program may include weight loss medications and injections designed to safely accelerate weight loss and increase your metabolism. We offer HCG, semaglutide injections, and Mounjaro. These medications and injectables change how your body processes fats, safely increase energy levels, and speed up weight loss.

We can determine which injectable or medication is right for you and then give you more details about how the process works and what you can expect. These injectables and medications work best when paired with lifestyle changes, healthy foods, and regular activity.


hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that women’s bodies produce during pregnancy. We can utilize this hormone to improve body composition since it pairs well with a low-calorie diet, resetting the metabolism while maintaining natural energy levels. hCG is a short-term solution that yields significant results.


Semaglutide is a popular injectable that mimics a natural hormone to reduce cravings, lower blood sugar levels, and promote weight loss. Weekly injections can help patients safely and quickly reach their goals, reset their metabolism, and reach and maintain their goal weight.


Mounjaro is a weight management medication that, in clinical studies, promoted an almost 30% weight reduction over 84 weeks. For patients who have tried other similar medications but haven’t been successful, we can incorporate Mounjaro into their weight management protocol to promote satiety, reduce cravings, and encourage fat loss.

The best candidates for our Clean Start program are patients who want to lose weight, improve their body composition, and live a healthier lifestyle. If you’ve tried countless fad diets in an attempt to lose weight and haven’t been successful on your own, you may need the help of professionals who can guide you along this journey. We provide you with the right tools, medications, and supplements you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and reach your goal weight.

Before prescribing any medications, we’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your medical history to confirm that our treatment options are right for you. We’ll also discuss dietary changes and exercise options, which will help enhance your results along this journey.

Enhancing Your Results With Body Contouring Treatments


We also offer energy-based body contouring treatment options that target stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to typical weight management methods. CoolSculpting® is a body contouring treatment that uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze stubborn fat cells, causing cell death. The body then responds to the treatment by flushing the dead fat cells from the system, and as a result, you’ll see a significant decrease in fat volume in the treatment area.


We also offer a weekly EMSCULPT NEO® session with our semaglutide injections to help patients improve their body compositions. We can target the abdomen and buttocks during these sessions through a completely painless and non-invasive treatment process. EMSCULPT NEO® uses HIFEM+ and radiofrequency heat energy to simultaneously burn fat and build muscles.

The device forces the muscles into powerful contractions that strengthen and tone the area while the radiofrequency energy heats and breaks down fat cells. Weekly sessions can result in an average 16 percent increase in muscle mass and a 20 percent reduction in stubborn fat at the treatment sites.

What results can I expect?

Weight loss can be challenging on your own. At Ambiance MD, we want to provide you with the proper guidance and support you need to lose weight. If you are bothered by how much you weigh, our physician-supervised weight loss program can help you look healthy and feel great. CONTACT US today to schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about this life-changing service!

Cost: $1500

*All prices are for cash or check.  Credit or debit card payment require a 3.5% processing fee.

You don’t have to live at an unhealthy weight any longer than you already have. At Ambiance MD Medical Spa in Green Bay, WI, our Clean Start program can help you finally lose that weight that’s been holding you back and preventing you from living your healthiest and happiest life. We’ll design a customized treatment plan for your exact needs and help you quickly and safely lose that extra weight and enjoy all the benefits of lasting weight loss. We understand the struggle many people face in trying to lose weight. That’s why we provide medical weight loss services to help our patients reach their weight loss goals. To learn more about our medical weight loss services, contact us online or give us a call at (920) 228-2274 to schedule a consultation.