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Restore Your Femininity with BTL Exilis Ultra Femme

The female body is amazing. It can withstand the strains of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, yet be delicate as well. It is no wonder that you may experience discomfort in the most sensitive and intimate part of your body at some point in your life. Thankfully, vaginal rejuvenation via the BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ exists, and it may work for you!

If you’re like so many other women, you’re experiencing multiple vaginal changes all at once. You may notice dryness, irritation, or a sensation of looseness in your vaginal area. Your labia may be loose or stretched out over time, causing an additional source of discomfort. Female incontinence is another problem that many women deal with due to vaginal changes.

These changes can be caused by childbirth, especially if you have had more than one child in the course of your lifetime. Hormonal changes that come with menopause are also responsible for vaginal changes that many women are not aware of as a concern. Until discomfort strikes you in this delicate area, you wouldn’t believe how it can make you feel. It follows you around throughout your day and it gets in the way of intimacy. If you are struggling with vaginal discomfort, don’t be too embarrassed to speak up about it. BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ treatments could help you to achieve feminine rejuvenation.

The BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ is an amazing treatment that uses radiofrequency energy. The energy is carefully controlled in order to ensure precision and comfort. As the energy is applied to the delicate tissues of your vagina, it will have a tightening and rejuvenating effect. It triggers the development of collagen, improves circulation, and stimulates the production of healthy cells in an area where you need it the most.

To find out if the BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ is right for you, schedule a consultation with us at Ambiance MD, conveniently located in Green Bay. Discuss your symptoms and hear about your options. Contact us today to book a consultation and get started!

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