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Am I a Candidate for BOTOX?

BOTOX® has been used by countless consumers to temporarily smooth out fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, across the brow and around the lips. This powerful injectable is FDA-approved and capable of producing remarkable results. While there are certainly many non-surgical ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles across the face, BOTOX® is one of the most popular.

Temporary Results

BOTOX® injections are only intended to produce temporary results. The results of a single treatment typically last about four months. After this time, patients who wish to extend their results can have their injections repeated. BOTOX® can be administered multiple times a year. Most people begin to notice results about 24-48 hours after receiving treatment.

Patients also love how quick and convenient the entire treatment process is. Often referred to as a lunchtime procedure, each treatment session takes very little time to complete. As an added perk, there’s no downtime. You can leave our office and go back to your daily routine as soon as your treatment is finished.

What BOTOX® Can Do

There are two basic types of wrinkles that you’re likely to experience as part of the normal aging process: dynamic and static wrinkles. The first of these, dynamic wrinkles, are caused by tension within the expressive facial muscles. Whenever you laugh, frown or smile, you may develop tiny creases around your eyes, across your brow or just around your lips. These are known as crow’s feet, frown lines and perioral wrinkles, respectively. BOTOX® causes the expressive muscles in these areas to relax, which releases the underlying tension and causes the surface skin to smooth out.

The benefits of BOTOX® aren’t just cosmetic. Those who suffer from chronic migraines can receive injections in the head and neck every three months to greatly reduce their headaches. If you are dealing with chronic migraines, BOTOX® could help you find relief after your very first treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Most healthy adults who are interested in smoothing out their dynamic wrinkles would make good candidates for this treatment. Of course, the best way to find out is to come in for a consultation with us at Ambiance MD. Our trained medical professionals are pleased to provide the Green Bay area with personalized aesthetic services, and we would be glad to help you find out if BOTOX® is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

*Results and patient experience may vary

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