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Chemical Peels: Getting Smoother, Softer Skin in Green Bay, WI

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your skin because of problems like sun spots, blemishes, acne scars or wrinkles? If so, chemical peels at our med spa in Green Bay, WI could help to minimize common skin conditions like these, leading to skin that is smoother and more radiant.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are designed to remove the superficial layers of your skin in a safe and controlled manner. Your body will respond by initiating a natural healing cascade that will enhance your skin’s overall appearance.

Depending upon what type of peel is used, the epidermis and dermis layers of skin may be removed. Within just hours or days, your body begins replacing old cells with news ones to form a new epidermis. Cells called fibroblasts begin activating, producing fresh collagen fibers that help to grow new skin.

The depth of a given peel is determined by the precise type of ingredients used in the peel and the amount of time the solution is left on the skin. The exact type of peel you are treated with will depend upon what specific skin problem requires treatment.

Types of Chemical Peels

Light or superficial peels remove the epidermis or upper skin layer, while medium peels reach into the upper layer of the dermis. Deeper chemical peels remove both the epidermis and most of the dermis skin layer. Generally speaking, deeper peels involve a lengthier application of the peeling solution. They also involve more downtime after the treatment.

Learn More During a Consultation in Green Bay, WI

Chemical peels are versatile in that they can treat a wide variety of unwanted skin conditions, including lines and wrinkles, acne issues, age spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture. Regular peel treatments are a great way to address a skin condition, as well as simply maintain healthy and vibrant skin.

Located in Green Bay, WI, Ambiance MD is proud to offer a variety of treatments that aim to give the client smoother and softer skin. Chemical peels are one of the best ways to do this. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about how chemical peels can benefit you!

*Results and patient experience may vary

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