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Reach Your Goal for Your Figure with CoolSculpting

Do you have the figure you want? When you look in the mirror, is there any particular spot that you look at every time and wish you could change? The fact is that there always seems to be that area that never responds to diet and exercise, no matter how well you eat or how often you visit the gym. CoolSculpting® is a safe, non-surgical procedure that can eliminate those problem areas and make you feel better about your appearance.

CoolSculpting® can target those workout and diet-resistant fat cells in areas such as the stomach, thighs, and arms. Unlike other procedures that focus on weight loss, CoolSculpting® focuses on fat reduction. This approach recognizes the fact that it is excess fat, not just excess weight, that usually gives dissatisfaction and negatively impacts your health.

CoolSculpting® has a revolutionary approach to targeting fat cells. It achieves remarkable results by killing the fat cells during the treatment and allowing the body to break down and eliminate the cells over time. The treatment targets the specific area and reduces the number of fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. That means that when you get the treatment, it only treats the spot you want it to and it only harms the fat cells. This is exactly what you want!

The treatment consists of controlled cooling that has been scientifically proven to reduce the number of fat cells, and it has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective means of fat reduction. The cooling technique is very carefully-controlled and monitored so as to leave the skin and surrounding tissues unharmed. Because the fat cells are actually frozen and then eliminated by the body’s natural processes, the results are designed to be long-lasting.

Make an appointment at Ambiance MD to get all the facts about CoolSculpting®, including whether or not the treatment can help you achieve your goals for your figure. Contact our office in Green Bay today to book your consultation and get started!

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