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2450 Velp Ave Suite 1
Green Bay, WI  54313
(Inside Sola Salons)

Tuesday & Thursday |
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1808 Allouez Ave  Suite B
Green Bay, WI 54311

Monday – Friday |
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Reasons to Visit Our Medical Spa in Green Bay, WI

Looking to care for your skin properly? Or maybe you are looking for the right place where you can improve your appearance? The skin is an essential part of the body that needs care and maintenance. The good news is you can take advantage of the treatments at our medical spa in Green Bay, WI. Here, you will experience some of the best cosmetic treatments available. Below are some reasons to consider visiting our office.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Worried about volume loss, sagging and sun damage on the skin? Or are you interested in treating acne successfully? You are at the right place. At our office, one can be sure to get any kind of treatment and to solve almost any skin problem. The best part is you will experience real results after getting personalized treatment. These treatments will enable you to get better results than you would get in a regular spa.

High-Tech Facility

If you are looking for state-of-the-art treatments, you can expect that our medical spa in Green Bay, WI uses the latest technology. This equipment will give you results not available in traditional spas. Apart from enjoying the treatments medically-supervised, you will also get the pampering you would get in any other spa.

Work with Experts

If you want to experience the best services, then experience is a must. The good thing about our medical spa is one can get services from professionals who have a medical background. They get trained well, and you can expect them to give great insights.

Various Treatments Available

Ambiance MD offers a variety of cosmetic treatments. You can choose from various treatments available based on your specific wants and needs. Our trained staff can help educate you about the treatments that might be most beneficial for you. We provide all of our patients with the information they need to heal properly and maintain good health while looking and feeling wonderful. We work with each patient to optimize results.

Restore your youthful appearance by visiting our state-of-the-art medical spa in Green Bay, WI. Contact us today to book your consultation!

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