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Target and Remove Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting

If you stick to a healthy diet and you are consistent with your workout routine, you will see an overall reduction in weight. However, diet and exercise are not good for targeted fat reduction. There are no exercises that you can do, for example, to specifically lose fat around your midsection. You can do crunches, and you can do planks. These exercises will increase the strength and size of your abdominal muscles. But these exercises will not cause the fat around your midsection to disappear. This is where CoolSculpting® can be beneficial.

Target and Remove Fat

In order to remove fat from a specific area, you need a treatment that will target the fat and then remove it solely from that area. You might be thinking about liposuction. Liposuction does remove fat from targeted areas. However, liposuction is a surgical procedure. Not everyone wants to go under the knife. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical procedure designed to help remove stubborn pockets of fat from areas that are not showing results after diet and exercise. Just because it is a non-surgical procedure does not mean that it cannot produce some amazing results.

Understanding the Procedure

The CoolSculpting® procedure is based on the idea that when fat reaches a particular temperature, it will self-destruct. The science behind CoolSculpting® was developed by researchers who noticed that children who ate popsicles while they were in the hospital started to develop dimples on the side of their face where they would hold the popsicle in their mouth. After doing some research, these scientists learned that when fat cells are brought down to a particular temperature, they rupture, they die, and they are removed from your body by your lymphatic system.

From this breakthrough, the CoolSculpting® procedure was developed. When you have CoolSculpting® performed, the fat in the problem area is lowered to a temperature where it is destroyed. Interestingly, your skin and other body tissues have a much higher resistance to cold than fat cells. So while the controlled cooling destroys fat, it does not damage your skin or other tissue.

Starting to See Results

The visible results of the CoolSculpting® procedure are gradual. Little by little, your body will begin to eliminate these fat cells. As this happens, the loss of fat will become apparent. You will notice that the treated area becomes thinner, firmer, and lean.

Since CoolSculpting® actually destroys fat cells, the results are permanent. Of course, if you do not maintain a good diet and a good exercise routine, the remaining fat cells could increase in size. So, it is important to continue to live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your results.

CoolSculpting® is a safe procedure. It has been performed thousands of times, and it has received complete approval from the FDA. If you’re looking to target and remove stubborn fat deposits, this treatment is certainly worth considering. Make an appointment at Ambiance MD in Green Bay to learn more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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