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BTL Exilis Ultra Femme for Vaginal Rejuvenation in Green Bay

The aging process affects our entire body. While most people are comfortable talking about the negative effects of aging on the face and neck, not everyone talks about the way that aging can affect a woman’s intimate areas. As with other parts of the body, there are treatments that are available to help a woman who is dealing with the way the aging process has affected her vagina and more intimate body parts. BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ is an amazing treatment that provides vaginal rejuvenation.

This is a procedure that is completely non-invasive. It does not require the physical removal of any skin or tissue. Since no incisions are made during the treatment, there is no scarring. And since no incisions are made, there is no downtime. The treatment takes just minutes to complete. So for such a short amount of time, you can enjoy the benefits that come from this amazing procedure. It is designed to improve the appearance of the outer and inner parts of the vagina. It helps a woman to look good and feel good.

BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ uses radiofrequency energy in the intimate areas of the woman’s body. This causes the skin to produce more collagen. So it basically tightens the skin. It has helped a wide variety of women in Green Bay who are dealing with the way the aging process is affecting their intimate areas. It also helps with vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and pain during intercourse.

This treatment produces quick results. Most women are able to notice the results after just weeks from the time they began their first treatments. Most people are going to need to have a series of treatments. These are usually spaced out a set amount of time apart in order to get the best results. You will likely see the full results of your treatment in the months after your treatment sessions began.

If you live in Green Bay or the surrounding area, you are invited to get in touch with us at Ambiance MD for a no-pressure consultation at our office in Green Bay. Our highly trained medical professionals will show you the benefits that you can receive using BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ for vaginal rejuvenation. This is a treatment that is designed to improve the appearance of the vagina. It also helps with a variety of issues that women may be facing, like vaginal dryness, as mentioned above. If you want to look and feel your best, BTL Exilis Ultra Femme™ may be the right option for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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