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CoolSculpting for Safe and Effective Body Contouring

It is exciting to see all of the different forms of body contouring treatments that are available. Some of these involve surgery, while others are completely non-invasive. If you have pockets of fat on your body that you would like to get rid of, you may have contemplated some of the options that are available. We invite you to learn about CoolSculpting®. It is a safe and effective body contouring treatment, and it may be perfect for you!

With this treatment, the power of cold is used to reduce the amount of fat cells that you have in a particular area. That is why this treatment is referred to as body contouring or as fat reduction. It is not something that is used for weight loss. In fact, you have to be at a healthy weight in order to qualify as a candidate for CoolSculpting®. The amazing thing about this treatment is that cold can be delivered to fat cells and essentially destroy them, but when the treatment is done safely here in our office, your skin and your body will not be harmed.

So, what is a CoolSculpting® treatment like? The very first step is a consultation. Our primary concern is your overall health. You can be confident using this treatment knowing that it has been cleared by the FDA as a way to reduce fat in certain parts of the body. The decision of where the applicator will be applied will be based on your particular goals and where you would like fat removed. In some cases, just one treatment is needed. In other cases, it is beneficial to have multiple treatments done to get smooth and even results.

You may be wondering what kind of results can you expect from CoolSculpting®. In most cases, our clients can expect a noticeable reduction of fat in the area that received treatment. There is virtually no follow-up care. You do not have to return to our office after the treatment unless you would like to have further treatments performed. You do not have to go home and spend time recovering. Since absolutely no incisions are made and no invasive techniques are used, you are not going to have issues with scarring and infections.

The best way for you to find out if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting® is to schedule a consultation with us at Ambiance MD in Green Bay. We are excited to show you why this is a safe and effective body contouring treatment. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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